TV Band OK Punk! Release Mini Album

Following the release of 2NE1 cover “Ugly” as a digital single four weeks ago, TV band OK Punk! release a self-titled mini-album on February 16th. “Ugly” is included and so are three songs written by the band members themselves. There’s “I’m OK” written by GoGo Star‘s Lee Tae Sun; “Not The End” with melody from Dr.Core911‘s Devin and lyrics from Kim Ok Vin; and “깡통” written by Dick PunksKim Hyun Woo, again with some lyrics from Kim Ok Vin.

A music video for “Not The End” is already available:


A fan of Toxic directed the camera towards Kim Seul Ong, who doubles as a drummer for OK Punk, during a performance of “Not OK” from a couple of weeks ago:

Source: Bugs Music

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