Traditional Korean Music/Post-Rock Group Jambinai Release First Album

Traditional Korean Music/Post-Rock fusion trio Jambinai will finally release their first full-length album, 차연 (Différance), on February 2nd. The album follows the band’s self-titled three track release from 2010 that was widely appreciated (a favorite among all three editors of Korean Indie at that).

Jambinai ended up winning the 2011 Hello Rookie Jury Prize with their unique sound–although traditionally schooled the members have proven very willing to bend the rules. While the traditional instruments may lure unsuspecting listeners to expect something different, in a recent interview with Jeju Weekly the band stated “we don’t make soft music. Our music is hard and heavy.” .

Audio from the main track on the album, “소멸의 시간”, was uploaded to YouTube earlier today by GMC Records owner Ssako:


Here is Jambinai during the Hello Rookie finals, performing album track “Grace Kelly” supported by LO‘s Ian Gallagher and 49 Morphines drummer Ryu Myung Hoon:


And here is a performance from November of album track “Connection”:


Have a look at Jambinai’s very first interview to learn more about the band. The interview post also contains approved live mp3s recorded from Jambinai’s first performance in 2010.

Source: Hyang Music

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