New Music Video from Googolplex

Bedroom electronica duo Googolplex had a music video for “꿈 (Somewhere We Belong)” released a couple of days ago. The video was made by Song Taewan and the song is from the act’s first full-length album Behind The Music, released on January 18th.


According to the press release Behind The Music offers “well-placed samples and melodies shyly reveal an eclectic variety of influences ranging from Soul and R&B to dream pop and shoegaze.” Googolplex’s Bandcamp and SoundCloud both offer a chance to sample the complete release for anyone that wishes to confirm the claim.

Googolplex released their first EP Endlessly High & Deep and all tracks but the intro have been included on the album as well. Here is the music video for the song with the same name:

Source: Bugs Music

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