10cm Move Slowly Down Billboard’s K-Pop Chart

For the Billboard Korea K-Pop Hot 100 week of March 3, 10cm are down four spots since the previous week to position 15 on the chart. Two songs debuted higher than 10cm’s current position–Lee Seung Chul‘s “잊었니” from the Feast of the Gods (신들의 만찬) soundtrack at position 6 and miss A‘s “Touch” at position 14. Three songs that debuted lower on the chart last week climbed past 10cm and with three weeks on the chart now Jay Park too has climbed past 10cm with his “Know Your Name“. Instead falling behind 10cm were Monday Kiz and their “Shadow (미행)” alongside K.Will‘s “내가 싫다”

Falling quite a bit since last week was Two Months‘ “The Romantic”, moving all the way down from position 14 to position 40. A couple of indie related songs debuted on the same segment of the chart: there is Sung Joon with the Lee Jae Hak (of Loveholics) “무단횡단” on position 32 and there is Park Jiyoon with her “나무가 되는 꿈 (Tree of Life)” partly written by Kwon Soon Gwan of No Reply.

Source: Billboard

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