Yoon Young Bae to Release Second EP End of January

Singer/songwriter Yoon Young Bae is about to release his second EP, 좀 웃긴, on January 31st. Together with Lee Han Choul he participated in the 5th Yoo Jae Ha Music Contest back in 1993 and after that spent several years as a songwriter, writing songs both for Lee Han Choul’s solo albums as well as his Bulldog Mansion and a bunch of other singers. Yoon Young Bae’s first solo release was the EP 이발사, released mid-November 2010.

The new EP comes with a set of five new titles and remastering versions of the same. Hyang Music offers samples covering the initial set of songs.

So far no videos have been revealed for 좀 웃긴, but anybody new to Yoon Young Bae will want to have a look at the music video to “이발사”:


Last year studiolovo recorded an On Stage session with Joon Young Bae, with more songs from the first EP (“이발사”, “바람의 소리”, “키 큰 나무”):

Sources: Hyang Music; maniadb

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