Rainy Sun’s Jeong Cha Sik to Release Second Album

Rainy Sun vocalist Jeong Cha Sik‘s first full-length album released last year has been very well received. On January 31st time will have come for the follow-up–격동하는 현재사. Unlike the primarily instrumental pieces from his 2010 tango alias [Ten]Go, Jeong Cha Sik under his own name makes good use of his characteristic vocals to an intriguing mix of musical styles.

With such an esteemed musician releasing a solo album of course there will be plenty of familiar names involved in the making. Rainy Sun guitarist Kim Tae Jin has been playing the guitar for the new album, with 2nd Moon guitarist Kim Hyun Bo doing the same for “나성에 가면”. 2nd Moon and Alice In Neverland violinist Jo Yun Jung has played the violin throughout, and Crying Nut‘s Kim In Soo is playing the accordion on “만추”.

An example of Jeong Cha Sik’s solo offerings is provided by the music video to first album track “용서”:


Source: Hyang Music

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