F.OUND Tracks now on SoundCloud

Over the last few days, Foundation Records has been working on uploading all of its Found Tracks compilations for free streaming on SoundCloud. Found Tracks is a compilation that comes for free with the monthly Found Magazine and it features a selection of primarily Korean indie music, often electronic but also with the occasional indie rock. The magazine has been published since September 2010, with the 16th and latest issue out on the 15th of December complete with a Christmas themed compilation (listen after the jump).

In addition to the already released compilations, today Foundation Records revealed F.OUND Tracks vol.17 and it looks like the launch of a “pick series” starting with an Unjin special. In addition to Unjin tracks and songs from Unjin’s Rain Jacket alias this compilation includes a fair number of songs from Ftone Sound, a much too underrated electronica act from the early 2000s where Unjin made music together with fellow Bihaengsun member Park Hyun Joon.

Listen to the most recently released F.OUND Tracks compilation here:


For older compilations, see here:

F.OUND Tracks vol. 15 [2011.11.25]
F.OUND Tracks vol. 14 [2011.10.10]
F.OUND Tracks vol. 13 [2011.09.08]
F.OUND Tracks vol. 12 [2011.08.10]
F.OUND Tracks vol. 11
F.OUND Tracks vol. 10
F.OUND Tracks vol. 9
F.OUND Tracks vol. 8
F.OUND Tracks vol. 7
F.OUND Tracks vol. 6
F.OUND Tracks vol. 5 [2011.02.07]
F.OUND Tracks vol. 4 [2010.12.20]
F.OUND Tracks vol. 3 [2010.11.26]
F.OUND Tracks vol. 2 [2010.10.11]
F.OUND Tracks vol. 1 [2010.09.03]

Source: Foundation Records official SoundCloud

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