Mini-Interview with itta

On December 1st, experimental artist itta released a cover album. The title of the album is Discover, and itta gives it away for free to anybody sending her an email expressing an interest to hear it. I’ve been a fan of hers for many years and always find her many expressions interesting. However, she was the last person I would’ve expected to record a set of covers. Naturally I had to find out more.

How would you describe the sound on Discover?

I tried to express the original tracks in itta’s own way.

First, I concentrated on the vocals for this album. Nowadays I want to use my voice to express myself, rather than other instruments.

I used the same organ sound as base on all the tracks. Organ is important instrument from my childhood, so if I can use only one instrument, I will choose the organ.

I did it all by myself for this album: producing, recording, and mixing. It’s a shame for a 10-year-old indie musician, but it’s the first time that I did it in this way. Marqido helped me learn about the application for recording and mixing.

How did you get the idea to make a cover album?

This summer I just realized that 10 years had passed since I chose my name itta. I’ve existes as itta for 10 years, because there are people who loved my music, and because of the music that I could listen to. So I just thought that I can do something special for them, and I made this album.

Actually I recorded more and more tracks, but finally chose only 11 tracks.

How did you make the song selection?

All the original track’s artists are female, or bands with female vocalists.

Since I became itta, some people who listened to my music or saw my performance have told to me  “your music reminds me of x“, or “I hope you listen to x“, so I chose x‘s music. Some tracks are chosen from my own memories.

I wanted to reuse the messages from the original tracks, so I carefully chose  the tracks with lyrics. As I’m always saying, itta started as a poet, so lyrics are really important for me. Nowadays I’m thinking about nature and the situation, a lot.

Why did you decide to release Discover in this way?

I wanted to say thanks with this album, so I just decided to give this album to people who really want my music.

I wanted to talk to the people who are interested in my music directly, so I wanted to get their e-mail addresses and now send a short message with my new stuff. If they liked the music, they can donate me by paypal. Now I’m making the 2nd present for the people who already donated to me.

Congratulations to 10 years, itta!

The Discover album comes with the following covers:
1. The End (The Doors/Nico)
2. Roads (Portishead)
3. Cover Me (Björk)
4. Astro Boy (Blonde Redhead)
5. Apple (Cibo Matto)
6. Don’t Count The Waves (Yoko Ono)
7. Incense (Erykah Badu)
8. Butterfly (Perfume)
9. Bohemian (Lee Sang Eun)
10. Golden Green (UA)
11. On The Sunny Side Of The Street (Jimmy HcHugh & Dorothy Fields)

If you’re interested in giving it a listen yourself, send an email to the address in the lower left corner of the official 10 site.

Learn more about itta herself in this old interview from 2007: A Meeting with itta.

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