Bugs Indie Music Chart week 41

Bugs indi music chart
And so we see yet another week with the Top Band contestants doing well on the chart. Although in a way I would’ve had even more hope for the future of indie music in Korea had they dominated the top I Am A Singer style, it’s great to see that the show at least has some impact.

Bugs Indie TOP10 – October 15, 2011
1. Acoustic Collabo – 그대와 나, 설레임 [MV]
2. Ibadi – 아빠를 닮은 소녀 [MV]
3. Delispice – 무지개는 없었다
4. AshGray – 이별의 그늘 [Tribute90]
5. Gate Flowers – 불편한 진실 [Top Band]
6. Hyunjhin Baik – 여기까지 [recandplay.net]
7. 10cm – 안아줘요 [live]
8. ToxicInto The Night [Top Band]
9. Peterpan Complex – 자꾸만 눈이 마주쳐 [MV]
10. J PowerWe Are The Champions [Top Band]

The new additions to the TOP100 list are the following:
12. PoePaper Cup [Top Band]
21. Ibadi – Voyage
23. Ibadi – Morning Call (remix ver.)
25. Acoustic Collabo – Waiting For U [MV]
27. Acoustic Collabo – 사진
37. J Power – Confess [Top Band]
43. Kim Jae Hee – 캐신의 전설
49. Lee YounHyuk Band – 할라피뇨 [solo live]
65. Sweetpea – 섬

See the full top 100 list here.

어쿠스틱 콜라보 - UnpluggedAcoustic duo Acoustic Collabo released first album Unplugged on October 10. It gathers all the songs from the duo’s previous releases: Love Is The Key, Makes Sweet Love and 한여름 밤의. To hear more of their sound, check out the old music videos: Promise, Love Valentine.

이바디(Ibadi) 2집 - VoyageOn October 13 Ibadi released second full length album Voyage. It’s been three and a half years since the album debut, but fans have continuously been treated to new songs from the modern folk/acoustic pop band fronted by Clazziquai‘s Horan since. The new album includes an album version of the three year old Listen Campaign track 두근두근, a steel guitar version of Songs for Ophelia track Curtain Call as well as a classic version of 탄야 from the same EP, a remix version of Morning Call from the 지금 사랑하지 않는 자, 모두 유죄 single, and a remix version of 산책 from the single with the same name.

김재희 - 김재희 싱글 Vol.1Boohwal‘s 4th album vocalist Kim Jae Hee has been releasing a number of solo albums over the past decade and a half, but on October 12 came his first digital single, aptly titled 김재희 싱글 Vol.1.

이윤혁밴드 - DebutSinger/songwriter Lee YounHyuk has gotten himself a band and together released the first single, Debut, on October 7.

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