Grand Mint Band makes GMF2011 theme song

GMB - So Nice (GMF2011 테마송)
Grand Mint Festival tickets sold out weeks ago, but promotions continue as usual. Special this year is that GMB – or Grand Mint Band – has been formed to make the GMF2011 theme song. GMB gathers a number of musicians, including Daybreak guitarist Jung Yoo Jong, Serengeti, and Serengeti guitarist Jung Su Wan, and The Koxx guitarist Lee Soo Ryun. This year’s theme song is called So Nice and a digital single with three versions of it was released on September 23.

In addition to GMB several artists more have participated, contribution with vocals for So Nice. There’s Lee Han Choul, Daybreak vocalist Lee Won Suk, Monni vocalist Kim Sin Ui, deb, Yozoh, Peppertones, No Reply, and Dalmoon. Listen to the song while checking out the GMF2011 trailer. Check out the lyrics here if you feel like singing along.

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