Upcoming releases, September 15

I was going to make a post on the upcoming releases for this next week, but realized that because of Chuseok the ones I know about are all concentrated to September 15. Here it goes:

이랑 - 이랑밀크티 2집 - Love Traveller
Singer/songwriter Lang Lee is about to have her first single – the self-titled 이랑 – released. Live recordings of both tracks on the single can be heard through Vimeo: 잘 알지도 못하면서; 너의 리듬 .

Sweet duo Milktea will soon release sophomore album Love Traveller. It includes an 8bit Game Remix of 땡깡쟁이 from last year’s album debut, Delicious Time, and will be promoted with a music video for new song 라면왕. See the two members introduces the album here and check out this recent cover of ABBA‘s Honey Honey to get an idea of what they sound like.

로코모티브 (Locomotive) - Beside, Inside (EP) - 초도한정 샘플러 증정페이션츠 (Patients) 1집 - Kitsch Space (어질러진 방)
Peterpan Complex drummer Kim Kyung In has an electronic solo project going called Locomotive and her first EP is called Beside, Inside. Hear a preview of Fall in Love on SoundCloud or listen to the full track Beat On via Vimeo. Hyang Music also offers a brief sample of opening track Close To You.

Punk rock band Patients release first full length album Kitsch Space online on September 9 and now the CD version will follow. Much like the 2007 EP All The Patient’s Let’s Go the new album opens and closes with The Way of Youth – version 3 and 4 respectively. Already last year the band was performing songs from the new album: Hybrid; Steel Face; Sadist and Masochist; 어질러진 방.

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