Jaurim songs on new I Am A Singer compilations

나는 가수다 경연 8-1. '자문위원단이 추천한 명곡 30'나는 가수다 경연 8-2. '1990년대 명곡'
With Jaurim as one of the singers on the popular show I Am A Singer (나는 가수다) that means ever now and then we’ll be treated to a new cover from Jaurim through one of the official digital releases following the episodes of the show where some actual competition is going on.

To accompany the episode that aired on August 28 <나는 가수다> 8-1. ‘자문위원단이 추천한 명곡 30‘ was released. The singers had been recommended oldies and Jaurim ended up performing Panic‘s 90s hit 왼손잡이. For the episode airing today September 11, the theme was k-pop of the 90s and the songs released through <나는 가수다> 8-2.1990년대 명곡’. Jaurim had been assigned Shin Hae Chul‘s old solo song 재즈카페. Visit Bugs Music 나는 가수다 section to see the actual performances and feel free to leave your own.

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