New Releases, week 38

September 19:
포트맨스(Portmans) - 변하지 않아 / Five Girls수의잡 - 물맛매니아리프먼스 (Leap Month) - Miscasting
After starting with three digital releases on August 8, S’s Record now offers the same in CD format.

The first release from pop band Portmans is a single called 변하지 않아 / Five Girls, which in addition to 변하지않아 and Five Girls comes with a track called Spring come, Rain fell. Get a better look at the members of Portmans through this video.

Home recorded electronic dance music influenced by New Order, Pet Shop Boys and other 80s music as well as 90s j-pop is what is offered by Soo Eui Job, the solo project of Portmans keyboardist Lee Sang Soo. The first EP is simply called 수의잡 vol.1. Check out the music video for EP main track 물맛매니아 here.

Portmans guitarist Yoon Dal also has a solo project going, namely Leap month. The first mini album is called Miscasting and it has more of an indie rock sound than the music of Portmans. The mini album comes with a Leap month mix of Portmans song 변하지않아. Check out the music video for 눈빛 here.

September 21:
허밍 어반 스테레오 - D.D.D
It looks like the fourth full length album from Humming Urban Stereo is coming up shortly, but first we’re treated to digital single D.D.D. This time Lee Jeereen‘s other project, Instant Romantic Floor is featured, with rapper YeSlow having participated in the writing of the lyrics and together with Sugar Flow contributing with the vocal parts.

September 22:
오렌지 플레인 (Orange Plane) - 현실적인 모험동화
Asian Beat is an amateur band competition arranged by Yamaha. Broken Valentine took home the price in the 2008/2009 competition and this year’s 10 finalists in the Korea heat can soon be heard on the Asian Beat 2011 Korea Final compilation. See Daegu band Poly perform Run Away With Me here; get a taste of nu-metal band Crimson Butterfly Ensemble through this promotion video; and watch Quartz‘s Nothing But A Lie performance from the competition here.

Rock band Orange Plane released first digital single Go in January this year with digital single 유리병 following end of April. Now time has come to introduce seven new songs through the release of EP 현실적인 모험동화. Check out a year-old performance of EP closing track Ocean Flight here.

September 23:
바닐라 유니티 (Vanilla Unity) 3집 - We Are Rising
With three years since the latest full length album, rock band Vanilla Unity is just about to reveal third full length album We Are Rising. It includes a remix version of last year’s Hey Monster single as well as Be The One from the same release.

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  1. Kaz

    Alright, Vanilla Unity! Feels like forever since they’ve put anything out. ;-; The Asian Beat compilation sounds pretty intriguing as well.


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