First full length album from The Freaks

얄개들 - 그래, 아무것도 하지 말자
While on they subject of freaky music, it seems like indie rock band The Freaks is getting to releasing first full length album 그래, 아무것도 하지 말자 on September 27. All three songs from the 꿈이냐 single as are there alongside plenty other live fan favorites. For an idea what the album might sound like, check out the videos below – one for each title on the tracklist:

그래, 아무것도 하지 말자
1. 청춘 만만세 (live)
2. 산책 중에 우연히 마주친 외할머니 (Live Planet)
3. 눈알에 눈물 (Live Planet)
4. 우리 같이 (Live Planet)
5. 메주 (live)
6. 불구경 (live)
7. 화창한 날에 (live)
8. 꿈이냐 (Live Planet)
9. 슬프다 슬퍼 (living room live)
10. 2000cc (live)
11. 꽃잔치 (live)

2 Comments First full length album from The Freaks

  1. minners

    Completely randomly got to this site tonight and love it! I knew my k-peeps had to be able to produce great music beyond eyeliner idol pop. Love these guys in particular – do you know how we’d be able to purchase/download this upcoming album in the US? (I don’t have an obsession with actual cd’s so I’d love to get it digitally. :) Thanks for the site and the intro to some great music!

  2. helikoppter

    Sorry about the late response. This album is released by Beatball and I think they usually also sell their music via iTunes nowadays. The digital version should be out already today in Korea, so with a bit of luck you might find it there already ^^


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