First EP from Star Audition’s Baek Sae Eun

백새은 - Words Of Consolation
Singer/songwriter Baek Sae Eun will release her first EP, Words of Consolation, tomorrow, September 15. She has co-written the main track 밝은 미소 with Jaurim guitarist Lee Sun Kyu and the rest of the songs are covers. There are the reprise versions of Jaurim song Something Good and Super Kidd‘s 그리 쉽게 이별을 말하지 말아요 that appeared on her 뿌듯한 하루 single last month, and there is also a cover of Nabi:Mat‘s 햇살.

Check out the music video for the single version of 그리 쉽게 이별을 말하지 말아요 here. Here Baek Sae Eun is singing Something Good again, and on a fan meeting last week she performed both 햇살 and 밝은 미소.

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