Weekly Review Roundup, week 34

Some reviews from the week that just passed:

이승열 3집 - Why We Fail
On August 11 Yi Sung Yol released his third full length album, Why We Fail. Containing both tracks previously released singles, 그들의 Blues and 라디라 the album holds ten songs more and is currently promoted with a music video for album main track 돌아오지 않아. See the music video for 그들의 Blues here and find the 라디라 music video teaser here. Hellokpop has a long review of the Album Review: Yi Sung-yol – Why We Fail

가이즈 (Guyz) - New Stage
Via Korean rock is real I was made aware of this review from KoME of last year’s single from Guyz: GUYZ – New Stage

세렝게티 2집 - Oasis
refresh_daemon has had a listen to the second full length album from Serengeti: Inbox: Serengeti – OASIS

클라우댄서 (Cloudancer) - Haru (EP)장기하와 얼굴들 2집 - 장기하와 얼굴들우쿨렐레 피크닉 2집 - 알로하, 기분좋은 인사
Chris Park has had a listen to a couple of sophomore albums and a 2.5 EP:
Cloudancer – Haru Review
Janggiha & Faces – Self-Titled Review
Ukulele Picnic – 알로하, 기분 좋은 인사 Review

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