Daejeon, Galaxy Express, Guyz, and Naru

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I don’t generally advertise upcoming music events in Korea all that much (Korea Gig Guide is a better source if you’re looking for that kind of information), but in October there’ll be a festival in Daejeon that ought to sound very interesting whether you’re into good music, beer, or food: The 1st Daejeon Rock Festival-Oct.16th organizer Q&A

Yesterday Galaxy Express posted a set of awesome photos under the title “Music Bank Attack”. Today Violet Sweets provides some information on the rock act’s upcoming music show performance: An unexpected band at Music bank: Galaxy Express. Galaxy Express is one of the many bands to perform at the aforementioned festival.

가이즈 (Guyz) - New Stage
Guyz sure have gone a long way since their remarkably heavier Queen Visual days. September 3 new single New Stage was released, and alongside two new songs it includes a remixed version of first album track Come On Baby. The official YouTube channel offers both a “Release & Showcase message” (Korean/Japanese) and a music video for the title track. allkpop brought the band some extra attention earlier today: GUYZ – Talented rock band flying under the radar.

Naru - 키
And should you be looking for some music to brighten your day, McRoth’s Residence suggests a “bubbly, adorable and ridiculously addicting” song from Naru‘s latest album: [Recommendation] Height by Naru

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