Weekend Reading

A few somethings to watch and read over the weekend:

Fuji Rock Festival '11
Last weekend Apollo 18 performed at Japan’s Fuji Rock Festival. Here’s a live report: Apollo 18: Put the ROCK back in Fuji Rock. And just in case you missed the link yesterday, here are some official photos of Apollo 18 on stage at Fuji Rock.

Another festival taking place last weekend was 2011 Jisan Valley Rock Festival. Arirang TV has a video report, Jisan Valley Rock Festival 2011 [Arirang Today], including some words from Dear Cloud‘s Nine9, Pavlov vocalist Oh do-ham, Ahn Heung-chan of Crash, and Yohan & Ki-bum of Pia. For those that prefer reading over watching, via Korean rock is real I came across this transcript: Jisan Valley Rock Festival Draws Tens of Thousands of Fans

More Jisan, although Hannah Bae wasn’t able to write about everything, even omitting a couple of her own favorites, she did include a few sentences on Zitten, Dear Cloud, Jaurim, and Chang Kiha & The Faces in her CNN Go write up covering all days of the festival: Mud and mayhem at Jisan Valley Rock Festival

More about Chang Kiha & The Faces in general is offered in this write-up from Timeless Bottomless: Jang Kiha and our faces

As for other recommendations, Mithreadat.com has a suggestion of Four Korean Artists You Should Listen To, covering Nell, The Black Skirts, Toll, and Zitten.

While on the subject of The Black Skirts, since last week a couple of items more (my google alert try-out is starting to pay off!) have turned up. First up another part of the Korea Herald’s indie interview series: The Black Skirts hopes to get rid of ‘American’ label

And it seems 2NE1 fans have taken notice of The Black Skirts as well, with Bryan publicly admitting to liking the girl group in question: [Other] Cho Hyu-il from Korean Indie Band ‘The Black Skirts’ likes 2NE1 (August 2, 2011). (Something he’s far from alone in doing among Hongdae musicians)

Finally, the video interview done with Idiotape by MTV K during the Seoulsonic North America tour in spring this year has now been published: MTV K Exclusive: Idiotape Plugs Into NYC

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