Trampauline to release second album with remixes

Trampauline - This is Why We Are Falling (Falling Falling) For Each Other
End of July soft electropop act Trampauline revealed through the official blog that the second full length album will be out on August 11. It is called This Is Why We Are Falling For Each Other and the first 400 copies will be distributed together with a remix album called This Is Why We Are Falling (Falling Falling) For Each Other.

A couple of remixes have already been revealed through the Trampauline Remixes SoundCloud. First up was the Swann Professor Remix of Anthropology, remixed by former Yellow Kitchen member Swann Che. Yesterday came remix number two, the Woomin a.k.a Elena Mad Rabbit Remix of Love Me Like Nothing’s Happened Before, remixed by my own summer music favorite Elena. Click through to SoundCloud to learn more about each song.

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