Weekend Reading: interviews, interviews, and some more

A bit of reading in case you are in need of such to keep you entertained over the weekend, this time with a chance to practice Korean listening skills:

Let’s start by following up on the summer festival link roundup with another couple of festival related Apollo 18 links: Prior to the Beastie Rock Fest in Taiwan bassist Kim Dae-inn was interviewed by The China Post: Apollo 18 — Korea’s indefinable band. Dating all the way back to Fuji Rock, here’s a piece written after the acoustic show they made just before the radio premiere of new song Sonic Boom: Apollo 18: Acoustic Eclectic

Not only are we waiting to hear Sonic Boom once the new EP Gogol is released, but from A18’s Gogol Sound we may also be getting an EP from National Pigeon Unity on the same label this fall. Shawn Despres of the Korea Gig Guide has made an interview with the duo: National Pigeon Unity Wrapping Up Their Cross-Country Tour

I’ve been meaning to write something about E9, or Edward Nine since I came across them on Twitter a couple of months ago, but as with so many other things I never got around to it. Fortunately, via Korean rock is real, here’s a chance to learn more on the band anyway through The Soundbook: Interview :- E9

Thanks to Punkboi Aloran posting on the wall of Indieful ROK’s Facebook page I learned about this interview from Band Bucket with Glen Check: Interview: Glen Check ()

More interviews, the Korea Herald has talked to Nunco for another article on Korean indie music: Nunco Band brings up human guilt

And for yet another interview, the New York Times’ T-Magazine blog has been talking to Sean Maylone, the man behind SuperColorSuper about his work bringing indie bands to Korea as well as the indie music scene in Korea: Asked & Answered | Sean Patrick Maylone.

Not quite an interview, but almost, wassereis has taken the time to subtitle lyrics and talk from when The KOXX were on Sketchbook end of July: The Koxx performance and talk at YHY Sketchbook

There’s been a lot of talk about The Rock Tigers and kimchibilly lately. Here’s another couple of posts:
– Your-Story: Rock Tigers and Kimchibilly Going Global
– MTV Iggy: The RockTigers’ Kimchibilly is Hot

This is a sweet story of how the author behind Impossible Black Tulip came to like The Black Skirts in spite of some initial hesitation: ♥ 내가 좋아하는 음악 Music I Like: 검정치마 The Black Skirts ♥

Live Planet
Via Korean rock is real comes this article where we find out that season two of indie music live studio recordings from Live Planet is on the way: Roxwel Features Korean Indie Rock Bands Performing Live Planet Studio Sessions

Another couple of volumes of Daum’s Indie Music Chart Magazine with the indie.go.char 50 have been published since the last roundup:
Vol.05 2011.08 (2011.7.11-2011.7.25)
Vol.06 2011.08 (2011.7.26-2011.8.10)

Talk To Me in Korean: 인디 음악 이야기
And finally, if you understand a bit of spoken Korean you may be interested in having a listen to this recording from Talk To Me in Korean: Iyagi #71 / 인디 음악 / Indie music / Natural Talk in 100% Korean

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  1. Anonymous

    Hello Mister !

    Help me find informations about korean duo : RaonJaena (라온제나).
    Actualy, just i know their names :
    박래원 (Vocal, Jembe)
    이성호 (Guitar, Chorus)

    SEE MV – 북태평양고기압

    Thank you and good weekend !


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