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A couple of weekends ago the eighth Stepping Stone Festival took place on Jeju-do. The Jeju Weekly talked to 3rd Line Butterfly‘s Nahm Sang Ah as well as Apollo 18‘s Choi Hyun Seok while there: Despite typhoon, local indie rock fest keeps fans wanting more .

Those that weren’t there may still get an idea of what the festival was like as videos of all acts performing have surface online. Apollo 18 took the opportunity to perform new songs Sonic Boom and Corpse Flower: 2011JEJUSSF 아폴로18

For more, check out these videos featuring Witches, Goonamguayeoridingstella, Seoul Electric Band, 3rd Line Butterfly, Sagitta, and Funkafric BoostDah respectively:
2011JEJUSSF 위치스
2011JEJUSSF 구남과여라이딩스텔라
2011JEJUSSF 서울전자음악단
2011JEJUSSF 3호선버터플라이
2011JEJUSSF 싸지타
2011JEJUSSF 펑카프릭&부슷다

12th Busan International Rock Festival
While Jeju-do was occupied with Stepping Stone, Busan had invited to the 12th Busan International Rock Festival. One of the bands playing was Every Single Day and The Soul of Seoul had the privilege of following them from backstage: The Busan Rock Festival Rocked My World

While on the subject of Every Single Day, here’s a recent article in Korea Herald’s indie musician interview series: Every Single Day draw hallyu fans through drama tunes

2011 Incheon Pentaport Music Festival
Busy weekend as it was, one of Korea’s biggest rock festivals – Pentaport Rock Festival – offered some competition to Jeju-do and Busan closer to the capital. Korean rock is real has rounded up some Pentaport articles.

The weekend after Jeju, the members of Apollo 18 again found themselves on an island as they had reached Taiwan for the BeastieRock Fest. Apollo 18 got a mention in the Taipei Times prior to the festival: Monsters of rock. Rumor has it they were also featured in China Daily on August 12.

Summer Sonic 2011
While A18 was in Taiwan, another few Korean bands spent last weekend in Japan to perform during Summer Sonic 2011. The Japan Times had talked to Galaxy Express before the event took place: Summer Sonic prepares for an Asian invasion.

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