New Releases, week 35

Some of the new releases coming out this week:

August 29:
바비빌 - 잡범
Since the mini interview with Bobby Chung last year about his country music project Bobbyville I’ve been eagerly awaiting that digital single. Today the time has finally come and the title is 잡범. The track with the same name features Goonamguayeoridingstella vocalist Cho Woong and has Earip opening with a narration. Seems like there’s more to come from Bobbyville in September.

August 30:
유발이의 소풍 - 시계문샤이너스 (The Moonshiners) 2집 - 푸른밤의 Beat!
Heum pianist Kang Yu Hyun and her Ubare’s Picnic released a self-titled album last year and now it is time for the jazz influenced acoustic band to release a single called 시계. To hear what Ubare’s Picnic has sounded like before, indifan and tube4pd both offer some nice videos on their respective YouTube channels.

Following the 검은 바다가 부른다 single a couple of weeks ago The Moonshiners are now ready to unleash the complete second full length album, 푸른밤의 Beat!. Here’s the music video for 검은 바다가 부른다 and to see the band in action here’s album title track 푸른밤의 BEAT! and here’s new album song 모텔 맨하탄.

September 1:
더 더 (The The) 7집 - How Many Times클린치 (Clinch) 1집 - Clinch
After a couple of lovely single modern rock band TheThe in its new form is ready to release a full length album, How Many Times – the seventh since the band first formed, then with Park Hye Kyung doing the vocals. The music video for 못믿을 사람 is available here and the music video for 사랑을 부르다 is available here. Check out the new music video for album main track 사랑하다 말걸 here. Hyang Music offers a chance to also hear brief samples of Day Something and Do You Like Something.

Four member pop band Clinch is just about to release its first self-titled album. The band was picked for SangSang Madang’s 3rd Band Incubating and the album includes the same song, 잊혀질때까지. The album opens with a song called 안아줘요, which is not to be confused with the 10cm song currently high up on the charts. Here are some live performance more of other album songs: 들러리; Ringo I Love You; 천천히; 언제나 맑음; Bye by bye.

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