Mini-Interview with The Figure8

피규어 에잇 (The Figure 8)
I’m still much to happy on the rare occasion that a Korean band approaches Indieful ROK rather than the other way around. Thus when electronic live band The Figure8 told me about their upcoming single project that they were trying to fund it by donations I was very excited to learn more, interview style. Unfortunately my Internet-less vacation (and a social schedule much too busy upon return) came in between, but at last here it is:

Can you please start by introducing The Figure8?
First we are so pleased to talk with Indieful ROK about us.

Beginning: 2009, maybe in the winter. Unohee, who created and produces The Figure8 found other people to play with him, starting with his friend Jisan. (And then spontaneously changing position from guitar to bass, and vocal.)

After the first group was crushed it was almost like it’ll all gonna be fucked up, but I (Unohee) didn’t stop recording and finding other people. For now we are the band Figure8, with Unohee and Juho. Not just a temporary project group with a fag name.

Naming stuff: Yes, there’s no doubt “Figure8” might remind people of a mic or Elliott Smith‘s last album title. But really, we’ve been just walking like an 8 in the streets we pass by every day, and with that we’ve infinitely drawn the figure 8.

How do you describe the sound of The Figure8?
The Figure8 is filled with straight 8 beat schizophrenic guitar and synthesizers, and the we want to make all of the audience dance, tripping, everything. We dream in an electronic organic space.

Before I started to play in my band. I’m was just a guitar kid of one billions. I played jazz an latin, sometimes I was in a muscial team. At that time I had hardly heard of electronic instruments, or even midi. I only knew about the ‘Cakework’ thing by name. Everything came up suddenly, since I made the decision to make a band.

We’re using various instrument connected to the computer. (e.g; pad controller, synth, voice vfx, looper..). At first sight our music is sounding complicated or uncomfortable, but we do recordings under the same conditions with a similar tone. Because we’ve recorded the instrument altogether in the big booth of a studio. And during the making of some tune, it’s like throwing the dice. We’re randomly choosing the beat between 1-3 and record. And again we reconstruct the session in my house. From Smiles through Mask on the A Thousand Smile EP all tracks went through the same process.

Why did you decide to crowdfund Rhythm or Treble?
Before we started the crowd funding project, I had some interest in the thing. I think it is good solution for individual creators, or indie-publishers. And it’s also fair.

For that reason we decide to open our project Rhythm or Treble. And we should get a special responsibility to make good stuff. It’ll be the first step towards our indiependent selling project.

What will happen if the target isn’t met within the specified time?
This project is not only available Korea but internationally as well. Our expectation(budget) is 2,500,000 KRW or 2350 USD. Surprisingly, some foreign people have showed some interest in us, so we’ve joined Bandcamp.

The budget is the ideal price for making this project. We have to make song better than ours and others, and now we’re also designing a T-shirt product that isn’t merch.

Even if the funding project is incomplete. We’ll still go on. We’ve already recorded many instruments and can complete it till September. But in if the target isn’t met within the specified time all funds EW refund to the people. Though we should open another page for Album selling, like

Available packages (EMS fee included):
1. Digital Coverage: Rhythm or Treble WAV file(44/24) + one remix track + 300dpi Album Coverart ($5)
2. CD Coverage: Rhythm or Treble CD + A Thousand Smile POSTCARD ($13)
3. Full Coverage: Rhythm or Treble CD + A Thousand Smile /w signature (limited number) + Coverart poster +Poster ($25)
4. byd Wear music Cover: Download Coupon for Rhythm or Treble, Rhythm or Treble CD +Coverart poster ($45)

Check out the full interview in Korean (with bonus information!) here.

The Figure8 - Rhythm or TrebleUnfortunately the end of this crowd funding project was today, August 21, so by now it is too late to get in. My sincere apologies goes out both to The Figure8 and anybody that would’ve liked to fund their project after hearing about it for not posting this sooner. I had been hoping to also include instructions on how to actually donate as a foreigner, but in case you are interested in showing The Figure8 your support the more familiar route of bandcamp is now open.

Pre-order Rhythm? or Treble? here. For an idea of what you’ll be getting get a free download of demo versions for Dramaqueen and Parklife here, or visit SoundCloud to stream both and a couple of songs more.

I’m quite liking the Placebo vibes I get from The Figure8 so will definitely lend them my support at the next opportunity.

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