Weekend reading & watching: interviews

Making this week’s link roundup an interview special:

First up a sweet interview with the two Dalmoon girls, including a generous amount of samples: [KPopulous] Oksang Dalbit(Dalmoon)- Having Nothing is Merit 옥상달빛 – 없는게 메리트

Groove Korea July 2011The July edition of Groove Korea comes with a set of interviews of Korean bands before Jisan Valley Rock Festival. There’s one with Kingston Rudieska The K-ska kings: Kingston Rudieska; another with Chang Kiha & The Faces: Meet the top indie act in Korea: Jang Ki-ha; and if you check the web issue, there’s one with Dear Cloud on page 43, “A Band for All Seasons: Dear Cloud”.

More Chang Kiha & The Faces in the third part of Korea Herald’s indie musician interview series: Chang Kiha & the Faces let listeners find own answers

Found via the latest Korean Gender Reader from The Grand Narrative, a short interview with the vocalist of The Rock Tigers: Five Questions for Velvet Geena

And here’s an interview with Hee Young available in both Spanish and English. Should’ve posted it last month, but it was only just now I found my own note about it… [Entrevista] Hee Young: I Love Music That Does Something To My Heart first full length album coming out some time this year

Also somewhat belated, but MTV K finally posted a video interview they made with Galaxy Express in New York during the 2K11 Seoulsonic Tour: MTV K Interview: Galaxy Express Love To Scream

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