One week blog hiatus coming up

Internet access in India turned out not to be a problem at all (save for slow buffering of YouTube for me), but now it’s time for a real hiatus. You can look forward to a great post from Widhi coming live tomorrow, but this is the last you’ll be hearing from me for at least a week, regular updates to be resumed on July 25 at earliest.

Learn why after the jump or skip right to this post for sites to read instead.

I’ve hinted it a couple of times, but in case you didn’t figure it out already now’s the time to find out: Last year it suddenly happened that Haseok Lee (aka Kyono) – founder of Korea’s finest hardcore label, GMC Records, as well as my own favorite label, Estella Records – and myself ended up in a relationship that wasn’t quite as professional as it had started. He signed over his labels to chief manager Ssako last year and is now living with me in Sweden. Also, we’re getting married next week.

I never thought the whole marriage deal was anything for me (I’m Swedish like that), but I’m now confident that entering into wedlock may actually be a good idea anyway. Even before we were anywhere near where we are today I thought he was a totally awesome guy and stated so here on the blog just about every time I mentioned his name. There were no romantic intentions whatsoever from either side at the time (when I finally managed to get out of the bad relationship I’d been caught in for the last few years it was with the firm intent of remaining single for a full year at the very least), but not everything goes according to plan.

When having a big interest in music, finding somebody that not only shares that interest but also knows more about your favorite bands than you do is fantastic. And before now I never knew just how much I value being able to not only make references to the music I loved so much during my teens and have them understood, but to have them countered as well. Perhaps a bit too comfortable with our everyday life already, every now and then it dawns on me who it is that is actually by my side. I was filled with an odd sense of pride when we were watching the EBS 공감 GMC label show; and I take some sort of silly, superficial pleasure in our kitchen towel having a Vassline print more often than not. Apart from all the other obvious music related things I’ve come to find my soon to be husband awesome in many, many ways more but I fear I could go on forever if not stopping here.

It should be added: even with this close connection to GMC/Estella I have not intentionally favored (nor do I intend to favor) updates concerning affiliated artists – if I have been writing more about them it is simply a matter of such information being more readily available to me.

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  1. Kaz

    That’s amazing! Congratulations to both of you, and have a great day! (Unless you already got married of course, in which case I hope it was lovely, haha~) I wish I had Vassline towels. ;-;
    And I wouldn’t complain if there was a GMC/Estella bias on this blog teehee. ;D


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