New releases, week 30. Part 1

Some releases that already have come out this week:

July 25:
Napoleon Dynamite (나폴레옹 다이나마이트) - Yours
Catchy rock band Napoleon Dynamite has released a new mini album, Yours. It is the second out of three “stories”, the first being Mine released in February this year. The mini albums offers four new titles, including a song called Jackpot where Super Kidd vocalist 허첵 is featured.

July 26:
정차식 - 황망한 사내지요 (Jiyo) 2집 - Decalcomanie블루코크와인 (Blue Coke Wine) 1집 - Acoustic Dream
Following tango project [Ten]Go last year, Rainy Sun vocalist Jeong Cha Sik is back with his first album under his own name. The title is 황망한 사내 and this time listeners will get to hear more of his characteristic vocals.

Singer/songwriter Jiyo is back with her second full-length album, Decalcomanie. During the spring she’s released digital singles 겨울나무 and 오늘 같은 날이면, both songs also found on the album.

Singer/songwriter BlueCokeWine has just released first full length album Acoustic Dream. It includes all songs from the 니가 그리운 날 and 세상 나밖에 없다는 걸 singles released last year – the latter also released as soundtrack for the 2011 remake of A Chinese Ghost Story in May.

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