Today’s new releases: Chang Kiha, Tune, Yi Sung Yol

June 9 offered several new releases of interest:

장기하와 얼굴들 2집 - 장기하와 얼굴들
Perhaps one of the most anticipated returns this year, Chang Kiha & The Faces are back with a new full length album. This time the album is self-titled, 장기하와 얼굴들, and it comes promoted with music videos for two songs: TV를 봤네 그렇고 그런 사이. According to allkpop the album has already sold out because of pre-orders.

튠 - 끝없이 소비하라디케이(DK) & 럼블피쉬 - She's So Lovely 이승열 - 그들의 Blues
TUNE, the solo project of No Reply‘s Jung Wook Jae, released a digital single called 끝없이 소비하라 today. The title track features guitarist Park Joo Won, and the single also comes with a tune called 만국기.

DK of kpop duo December has teamed up with Rumble Fish – a moniker now used by Choi Jin Yi alone, previously the vocalist in the modern pop/rock band with the same name – for December’s fifth digital single, She’s So Lovely. The song promoted by the release is called 너에게 약속해 and has a music video.

Singer/songwriter Yi Sung Yol was one half of U&Me Blue, sometimes referred to as one of Korea’s first indie bands, and though his solo albums are far in between he can still be heard frequently collaborating with others. For 그들의 Blues he’s teamed up with legendary folk singer Hahn Dae Soo, but for once the release itself is in Yi Sung Yol’s name. Check out the music video here.

서울 전자 음악단 (신윤철 밴드) 2집 - Life Is Strange (deluxe edition)이루펀트 (Eluphant) - Man On The Earth
Speaking of Yi Sung Yol frequently collaborating with others, the remastered edition of Seoul Electric Band‘s second full length album, Life is Strange, was released on CD today. The digital edition came out already May 27 and it seems waiting those extra days made the bonus material all the more impressive as a full CD was added to the bundle. Two of the songs on the disc, Game Music and 보름달, were previously unreleased and there are three alternate versions of the original album songs, two of which features the smooth vocals of Yi Sung Yol. In Addition to those are three live recordings, including a cover of Wild Thing

Another release with old material accompanied by new comes from hip-hop duo Eluphant, that with new album Man On The Earth offers another chance for 10cm fans to pick up a CD with the song 여전히 아름답네요, where Kwon Jung Yeol is featured. All other songs from the EP with the same name are included on the new album as well.

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