DJ Magik Cool J x 2: New from Cloudancer & Aquibird

클라우댄서 (Cloudancer) - Haru (EP)아키버드 (Aquibird) 2집 - 오소소 [예약판매]
DJ Magik Cool J must’ve been quite busy recently!

On May 31 alternative hip hop duo Cloudancer, where Magik Cool J serves as the producer for MC 수다쟁이, released 2.5 EP Haru. Yoo-Yeon of Aquibird, another project from DJ Magik Cool J, is featured on songs 소심남녀 and 오늘은. The EP promo vid came out a couple of weeks ago and just before the CD release followed the music video for 회전목마.

Later this week, on June 9, it is time for the very same Aquibird to return with second full length album 오! 소소. After Lady Jane left Aquibird the unique acid jazz/reggae duo turned into a storytelling soft pop trio, signed to Beatball for this release.

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