Bugs Indie Music Chart week 16

Bugs indi music chart
Last week didn’t offer nearly as many newcomers on the indie chart over at Bugs as the week before that, but did provide a bit of a surprise to me (even though YouTube tells me it shouldn’t have). Anyone that can help explain why a five year old song from bossa nova songstress Sorri has been climbing the chart into the top 10 is more than welcome to give it a try.

Bugs Indie TOP10 – April 23, 2011
1. Nunco – 네가 없다 [MV]
2. 10cm – 그게 아니고 [M root]
3. 10cm – 사랑은 은하수 다방에서 [Music Travel Lalala]
4. TaruMr. Destiny
5. 10cm – 아메리카노 [recandplay.net]
6. Ibadi – 두근두근 [MV]
7. DOT – 별빛의 노래
8. Monni – 망설이지 마요 [Sketchbook]
9. 10cm – 죽겠네 (Album ver.) [Sketchbook]
10. Sorri – Blue

The new additions to the TOP100 list are the following:
37. Band Jun27살 [MV]
39. Nunco – 알리바이
46. Nunco – 당신 발 밑 [@ Cafe-T]

See the full top 100 list here.

눈뜨고 코베인 3집 - Murder's High For some reason I had expected to psych/garage pop/rock band Nunco to have disbanded when former drummer Chang Kiha began pursuing his solo career, but then third full length album Murder’s High showed up. It was released online on April 20 and the CD release followed on April 25.

일단은 준석이들 - 찌질한 27살은 꿈을 꾸네Acoustic duo Band Jun released an EP called 찌질한 27살은 꿈을 꾸네 on April 21. It includes all songs from last year’s mini album debut 기분이 좋아 as well as three new tracks of which early versions can be sampled through YouTube. The recorded version of 꿈을 꾸네 features multi-instrumentalist Hareem.

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