Yang Jungmo leaving Star Audition

Sad news from MBC’s Star Audition. In yesterday’s episode it was time for Kim Tae Won’s mentor school during which two of his adepts were eliminated. Sweet Guerillaz vocalist Yang Jungmo performed Boohwal‘s 비밀 – a song from Collaboration Project ‘ + [plus]’ / +1 where former Boohwal vocalist Park Wan Kyu had been invited to yet again sing with Boohwal.

Park Wan Kyu was making Kim Tae Won company in evaluating Yang Jungmo’s performance and was not particularly kind, saying among other things that Yang Jungmo was just exaggerating and showing off. The others protested saying that Yang Jungmo was singing well, and although Boohwal guitarist and rock legend Kim Tae Won agreed he argued that Yang Jungmo’s vocal style was dated and decided to let him go.

In spite of this Yang Jungmo will still get to perform with Boohwal in an upcoming concert. Here’s hoping Yang Jungmo will find another opportunity to reach the masses and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

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