Random past releases: Ninano Nanda; The Essence; The Jaywalker

니나노 난다 - Future Pansori 우주전에센스 - The Door To Anywhere제이워커 - 2nd
A bunch of interesting releases I didn’t get around writing about sooner (although the post should’ve gone live during the weekend…):

On February 17 Ninano Nanda released debut album Future Pansori 우주전. After providing the “Corean voice” to I&I Djangdan‘s dub & reggae blend Jang-Goon is now getting deeper into electronica. The official site offers a biography in English for those that wish to learn more on both the traditional Pansori and the one Ninano Nanda aspire to make. Check out the album promo vid here.

From the producers behind The Moonshiners, new rock’n’roll trio The Essence released an EP called the Door to Anywhere online on February 23 and on CD March 8. Their 60s-70s inspired sound blends garage, punk, blues and psych rock.

Alternative rock trio The Jaywalker originally formed in the 90s and re-united again a couple of years ago. Their first full length album since reunion, Illusion, came out in 2010 and on March 10 it was time for an album called 2nd to be released. Here is the music video for album main track 말해.

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