Mini-Interview with J Rabbit

J Rabbit (제이레빗)
I first came across the music of J Rabbit on YouTube as I was catching up on the Bugs charts in January. I was instantly charmed by the sweet songs performed by what seemed like two lovely girls but couldn’t get around to follow it up. As I learned that they had an album coming out I approached them for an interview and it didn’t take long before J Dawoon returned with answers.

Can you please start by introducing yourselves?
Hello, Indieful ROK, It’s J Rabbit! Glad to meet you all, we are excited and really appreciate doing this interview :)

We are a duo team; Dawoon Jung and Hyesun Jung (known as J Dawoon and J Hyesun).

We write our songs and lyrics and we also sing and play all the musical instruments we need. We started posting our musical project on YouTube at the end of November 2010.

How would you like to describe the music you are making?
Most of J Rabbit’s songs are warm and sweet or humorous. The lyrics and melody are very lively, and honest as talking to friend. Sometimes people are touched by J Rabbit’s sensitive performance.

That’s why we keep trying to have communication with people; and also we would like for people to get some cheers and some good energy through our projects. J Rabbit’s music is for men and women of all ages, especially those who need delight in their lives and something to console their hearts.

How did you get involved with
Actually, this is a college reunion group :) We all graduated from the same college, but different years. There are seven people in, gathered around Professor Donghyun Lee (aka Hcube). Various projects are now in progress at

What can you tell us about It’s Spring?
It’s Spring is the title of J Rabbit’s 1st album. We were looking for a word that represents ideas of “fresh”, “new start”, or “restart”. We want people to recognize that “Here spring comes! Get something Fresh! Let’s start again!” so finally we got word “spring” for the title. We hope that people would like to get some fresh and good energy when they have listened to this album and watched J Rabbit’s music stuffs. And also we would like to sing and write music about love, happiness, hope, courage and cheering up.

We expect that It’s Spring will be good news both to J Rabbit and to the audience :)

And so it turns out that J Rabbit were even lovelier than I had expected! A big thank you to Hcube for enabling this interview!

Their first full length album was released today, March 3. You’ll find the YouTube videos for some songs on the album linked in this post, or you can head directly to YouTube and just dig in.

Visit to learn more about the projects and have a look at the YouTube account to check out fellow acts leeSA and Yana as well.

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