Chang Kiha and other upcoming vinyl releases


Korean indie music vinyl releases are few and far in between, but it seems like there’ll be a few more coming out in not too long. Chang Kiha & The Faces will put out a 2 LP set on March 25. It includes what appears to be remastered vinyl presses of both the first full length album, 별일 없이 산다, and Chang Kiha‘s solo single debut 싸구려 커피. The set, which is limited to 600 copies, also comes with a poster and some stickers.


Nakion - Horse TrackNakion - Jesu Sufo

Intriguing electronica artist Nakion has previously released her single Heartbit on vinyl via Tigersushi. On July 13 last year she released another vinyl single on the ssame label, Horse Track, which can be sampled in the Tigersushi shop. On November 21 she put out yet another single via Tigersushi, Jesu Sufo, though the vinyl edition of that one has yet to be released. Word from Tigersushi has it that Nakion’s first official full length album is called OH AH! and will be released mid-April.

After many years of silence it seems as though will finally get an LP out on Burnt Toast Vinyl. At the beginning of the month word came that byul had mastered a double LP album and earlier this week Burn Toast Vinyl said that it would be out “Soon, very soon!

Previous noteworthy Korean indie music releases on vinyl include Fortune Cookie‘s Art of Cheese.

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