Standing Egg’s Clover on CD

스탠딩 에그 (Standing Egg) - Standing Egg클로버 (Clover) - 어느파도클로버 (Clover) - 어느파도
In April this year, back when I couldn’t really update as much as I should, sweet indie pop/modern folk band Standing Egg released a self-titled EP that seemed relatively successful. The three songs all got their own music videos (사랑한다는 말 : Lalala : Kiss) and one of them was also the target for an Indie To Go session ([Indie2Go#046] Standing Egg “Kiss”). Luminosity has a profile if you want to learn more about the trio: [Profile] Standing Egg.

August 18, Standing Egg’s vocalist Clover released a two track digital single called 어느 파도, and a week ago – on October 7 – it was released on CD. Both lovely songs can be streamed from Standing Egg’s MySpace, and there’s a music video for the title track. The other song on the single is called 붉은 달 and features bossa nova girl Sorri.

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