Kim Jae Wook’s Walrus more than just a pretty face

월러스 - Walrus
When I realized that actor/model/Coffee Prince waffle boy Kim Jae Wook’s band Walrus was about to release its first single I decided not to pay too much attention. Having seen the band in question perform covers at GMF2009, I wasn’t overly impressed then and now I wasn’t curious enough to hear for myself if they actually had any real skills. The last few days I’ve realized I was being superficial again.

The self-titled single was released on January 24. Kamala-Chan named second track MozaicK-RoK Song of the Day” a day later and last week Johnelle of Seoulbeats included Walrus in the 5 Things I LOVED in Kpop This Week post. Found Magazine agreed that Walrus was more than a pretty face, and just now Chris Park posted a review over at wakesidevision where he concluded that it was one of the year’s most interesting releases: Walrus – Self-Titled Review

Dramabeans has a well written post on the three track release accompanied by some really nice photos: Kim Jae-wook’s band releases single.

If you have yet to hear Walrus yourself, check out the music video for To Be.

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