Apollo 18 US tour schedule confirmed

Apollo 18‘s US tour schedule has now been completely confirmed and during 13 days they’ll be playing a total of 14 shows. The US tour video seen above has been finalized and was launched today on the new official Apollo 18 YouTube channel.

This is the complete tour schedule:
March 15: Dallas, TX @ Double Wide
March 16: Austin, TX @ DMI House @ 219 West (6 pm) [Dart Music International]
March 16: Austin, TX @ Official SXSW showcase [Headhunters (10:40 pm)]
March 17: Austin, TX @ Zhi Tea Gallery [Zhi Tea presents: SXZT! (6 pm)]
March 18: Austin, TX @ Hoeks Death Metal Pizza (4 pm)
March 18: San Marcos, TX @ Triple Crown
March 19: Austin, TX @ Aussie’s (1 pm) [WeAre78704.com Party]
March 20: Austin, TX @ Cheer Up Charlie’s (1 pm)
March 20: San Antonio, TX @ Night Rocker Live
March 21: New Orleans, LA @ Dragon’s Den
March 22: Houston, TX @ Super Happy Fun Land
March 23: Denton, TX @ Andy’s Bar
March 24: Hot Springs, AR @ Low Key Arts [The Valley of the Vapors Independent Music Festival]
March 25: Memphis, TN @ Stash House
March 26: Tulsa, OK @ The Eclipse
March 27: Fort Worth, TX @ 1919 Hemphill

2 Comments Apollo 18 US tour schedule confirmed

  1. Kaz

    Once again I’m so disappointed to see they won’t be swinging by Canada; I’ll have to contact someone about grabbing some merch for me…but I’m pleased to see how much promotion this tour has been getting from the band themselves and some other Korean magazines, news sources, etc. It seems like they’re taking it very seriously.
    The number of shows they are playing is crazy though.

  2. helikoppter

    Oh yes, they have been working incredibly hard on this – and the number of shows just increased!

    Really hope it pays off for them. If they can get the visa they’re hoping for they’ll likely go to Canada for a few shows later this year ^^


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