What I listened to in 2010: Songs

Continuing from the list of the artists I listened to the most during 2010 posted at the beginning of this month, here are the songs last.fm claim I listened to the most. The top two songs were included on my list last year and with only three all new songs in total I suppose this could serve as another example of my changed music listening habits. I’ll be the first to admit that it seems a bit one-tracked, but I really do love Apollo 18’s Red… Find my complete top 10 after the jump.

Anna’s Most Listened to Korean Tracks 2010

1. Apollo 18Warm (5) [MySpace]
South Korean MAP song of January, 2010.
My favorite Apollo 18 track turned even better when the pace slowed down a bit. Nothing – and I do mean nothing – beats the sensation of being in place in some small venue when Apollo 18 play this song live. It should’ve gotten a 3D music video during 2010, but it was canceled as they couldn’t make a short enough version of the song. Wishing the song would last even longer – how could I possibly blame them?

2. SunkyeolI’ll Write When I’m There (1) [MySpace]
South Korean MAP song of August, 2009.
Albeit beaten by Warm for 2010, it remains the song I’ve listened to the most over the last few years. Lovely fuzziness in an amazing tune that was finally released on CD in 2010.

3. National Pigeon Unity – 환 [YT live]
South Korean MAP song of April, 2010.
After hearing this song the first time I ended up playing it for two hours straight. A little more on the post-rock side than the typical NPU track, but not without those emotional elements with a bit of screaming on top that while somewhat depressing make NPU’s music so addictive to me.

4. FirestormBig Time Hustler [Spotify]
I’ve been entertained by this song since I first heard it, and it’s also the perfect song to make me smile when I’m in a bad mood. More on that here.

5. Apollo 18 – Time [MySpace]
Another marvelous post-rock-ish track from Apollo 18 and my favorite out of the new Red album songs. When I first heard it the sorta weak vocals in the beginning bothered me a bit, but that was soon forgotten as the song really took off. Just amazing.

6. JambinaiMiro (live) [mp3]
South Korean MAP song of June, 2010.
When I first heard Jambinai I wondered what they were doing on Estella. Then twelve or so minutes into Miro it finally began to make sense. Traditional Korean instruments meet post-rock in an exquisitely intriguing mix.

7. Apollo 18 – Pause 00 [PV]
Just the Red prelude, but considering how many times I’ve listened to it this makes perfect sense.

8. Apollo 18 – End [YT live]
The explosive track following Warm on the Red album. Plenty of Apollo 18’s awesome rock energy perfectly condensed into just about two minutes.

9. Apollo 18 – Pause 01
An interlude. See comment for #7.

10. National Pigeon Unity – 먹이사슬 [YT live]
With the screaming and power, this is more of a characteristic NPU song than 환. It soon sailed up as another favorite from the album and eventually overtook that position from 환. Listening to NPU now and this song in particular I’m immediately taken back to last spring. Although those were a couple of happy months – I cannot remember the last time I ever felt that free – it now leaves me with an unsettling feeling.

One non-Korean track did make it to my actual top 10 track chart for 2010, namely The National‘s Terrible Love. I came to hear it thanks to Running With Chopsticks and I became instantly addicted to it. If you feel up to it you’re more than welcome to share your own lists, whether here or in the last.fm group

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