More Korean bands to tour outside of Korea

Bamseom Pirates Japan Tour 2011 flyer
So many Korean musicians are making it out of Korea this year! Bamseom Pirates will be playing four dates in Japan, stopping by Nagano, Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto during February 17-20. From the tour schedule, it seems like they will be sharing stage with female singer/songwriter Cho Han Suk in Tokyo on February 18 and Osaka on February 19.

On the mainstream rock side, although their name has yet to show up on the Vans Warped Tour 2011 band page the bassist of Yoon Band acknowledged that they should make it to the US for some dates this summer for another round.

And on a side not, all the way into the mainstream (as it showed up in my Twitter feed as I was preparing this post), it seems like Rain will be making an appearance in London.

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