Weekend Reading: Interview roundup

While I was away, a number of interesting interviews showed up online. I have yet to find the time to read them all myself, but thought I’d share the links in case anyone is in need of some reading material for the weekend.

First up a link I should’ve passed on while it was still hot a week or so ago, as Shawn Despres had talked to both Chang Kiha & The Faces and The Rocktigers as they were preparing their shows in Japan:
Indie breakout, ‘kimchibilly’ rockers bring Seoul to Japan

Shawn Despres also had a piece in Groove Korea last month, where one can learn more on Indieful ROK favorite Sunkyeol: Sunkyeol’s Blend of Hazy Psych-pop, Folk, and Post-rock

In the same Groove Korea issue, Eric Reichbaum had written a bit on ska act No.1 Korean: No. 1 Korean

KoME published a couple of interviews in October:
Interview with GUYZ
Interview with No Reply

10asia too had interviewed No Reply as band no.10 in their Indie 10 series:
[INTERVIEW] Indie band “No Reply” – Part 1
[INTERVIEW] Indie band “No Reply” – Part 2

That interview followed band no.9, The Koxx, and was soon followed by band no.11, Broccoli, you too?:
[INTERVIEW] Indie band Koxx – Part 1
[INTERVIEW] Indie band Koxx – Part 2
[INTERVIEW] Indie band Koxx – Part 3
[INTERVIEW] Indie band “Broccoli You Too” – Part 1
[INTERVIEW] Indie band “Broccoli You Too” – Part 2

Also interviewed by 10asia, but mostly in capacity of actress, was Yozoh: [INTERVIEW] Indie female singer Yozoh. Today it was followed by a list with comments of her favorite movies:
Singer and actress Yozoh’s Movie Picks

Last but not least, London Korean Links has talked a bit to Dave Candler, the man behind Korean Homesick Blues “the best alternative music podcast in Korea and all Asia”: Korean Homesick Blues: the finest indie sounds from Korea

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