3rd Line Butterfly to London, Korean bands to CMW & SXSW

Via KOCCA’s blog comes some interesting news about Korean bands going outside of Korea.

First up 3rd Line Butterfly is gonna spend almost a week – between December 6-11, to be exact – in London, UK. No details yet, except dong an interview and recording a performance for The Monocole Winter Series.

The post also mentions that Galaxy Express, Vidulgi OoyoO, and Idiotape will tour North America together in March next year. Although neither Texas’ South By Southwest (SXSW) nor Toronto’s Candian Music Fest (CMF) are listing any of the bands as in their roasters just yet that’s supposedly two of their stops. Apparently there are also plans to make them stop by San Fransisco, New Haven, and Cambridge.

2 Comments 3rd Line Butterfly to London, Korean bands to CMW & SXSW

  1. Kaz

    Oh Jesus if they do come to Toronto I’m definitely there! Thanks so much for posting about it because I have no idea how to find out when Korean bands are coming to Canada. ;-;

  2. Kaz

    Galaxy Express and Idiotape are now listed on the CMF website; I imagine Vidulgi OoyoO is just listed under a name I haven’t found yet. Fantastic!


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