NANOOMI Party this Saturday!

As has been mentioned before, Indieful ROK is a member of the Nanoomi community. This coming Saturday, November 6, will have a casual party at Sonofactory in Hongdae, Seoul, with some presentations, Korean tacos, drinks and – of course – music!

I’ve selected the songs to be played for the evening, and also invited Pika for a performance. If you’re in town, please consider coming! Say hi to me and Widhi, and meet some really cool bloggers and other great people. Details on the event and how to register here: NANOOMI PARTY! You’re invited!

3 Comments NANOOMI Party this Saturday!

  1. Anonymous

    hey anna how are you? i was at ikea yesterday eating swedish meatballs and i thought of you when i remembered that lingonberry jam isn’t supposed to be sweet. where ever you are, i hope you are having a lot of fun. peace! -bryan

  2. helikoppter

    Bryan! I’m most definitely having fun. Just moved my boyfriend to Sweden from Korea, so things have been more than a little busy. We’ve already made a couple of rounds to IKEA, so he too has developed a taste for meatballs with sweet jam ^^ Hope you’re well and having a great time in the studio!


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