Hyang Music Album Chart week 36

After a couple of weeks following Hyang’s album sales chart for first week of September, the charts for the second and third weeks too have showed up online.

Starting with the older one, featuring plenty of newcomers:

Hyang Chart – 2nd week of September, 2010
1. Huckleberry FinnHuckleberry Finn Live [사막 @ ‘09 봄의 피로]
2. 2NE1To Anyone
3. Linkin ParkA Thousand Suns
4. Bulnabang Star Sausage Club석연치않은결말 [EP trailer]
5. 10cmThe First EP [눈이 오네 recandplay.net session]
6. Teenage FanclubShadows
7. No ReplyDream [내가 되었으면 MV]
8. Byul.org태평양 (Pacific) [태평양 (Pacific) MV]
9. Third StoneI’m Not A Blues Man
10. GalneryusResurrection

The new k-indie oriented additions to the TOP100 list were the following:
13. NureongyiUnderrun [오소리라면 MV]
18. TelepathyBig Wave [EP Teaser]
22. Emon그리움이 만나는 시간 [그리움이 만나는 시간 live]
25. One More Chance자유인 [Luxury Bus camera live]
29. PikaPika’s Metamorphosis [Robot Dream’s La Via SHOW session]
45. Jinsungyoon BandMusic Tree [속 live]
66. Ann기쁜열대 [기쁜열대 MV]
75. Super Kidd멋지다! 슈퍼키드 [술 한잔해 MV
79. 3rd Line ButterflyNine Days Or A Million [깊은 밤 안개 속 @ MBC nanjang]
86. TransFixionNever Say Goodbye

See the full top 100 list here.

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