Hyang Music Album Chart week 35

So we already have Bugs Chart to keep track of which songs people are listening to, but what about which CDs they buy? Well that’s something we can find out from Hyang Chart!

As it happens what is likely the foremost store for Korean indie music sells enough Korean indie music CDs to keep the sales chart very interesting. I’ll be posting the top 10 here whenever I notice a chart update (they’re a bit irregular, from what I’ve observed during the summer), and also include any new additions of particular interest. With getting back to more regular postings here at Indieful ROK in September and all, I figured keeping track of this chart would be a nice addition + I like how it can help me keep up with any release I may have overlooked before.

During the weekend the chart for the first week of September was posted so here you go, complete with long overdue release updates:

Hyang Chart – 1st week of September, 2010
1. 10cmThe First EP [눈이 오네 recandplay.net session]
2. Byul.org태평양 (Pacific) [태평양 (Pacific) MV]
3. Bulnabang Star Sausage Club석연치않은결말 [EP trailer]
4. ZittenWonderland [EP trailer : TV Show MV]
5. Dear CloudTake The Air [Last Scene @ release show]
6. Jaejoo Boys유년에게 [손잡고 허밍 MV]
7. Avenged SevenfoldNightmare
8. Earip – 공기로 만든 노래 (Words From The Breath) [벌써 잊었나 live]
9. Arcade FireThe Suburbs
10. SunkyeolEP [@ release show]

The new k-indie oriented additions to the TOP100 list were the following:
16. The FinnnBeatles Over Zeppelin
71. NomadBe Mad, No Mad
73. JamBiNai잠비나이 [나부락 live]
82. Go-yo혼자 왔습니다 [작은 새를 날게 해 MV]
88. Rubystar – 맑음 때때로 흐리고 비 [맑음 때때로 흐리고 비 MV]

See the full top 100 list here.

짙은 - Wonderland (EP)On June 17, Pastel Music‘s lovely Zitten returned with an EP called Wonderland. In addition to some well produced new songs, the EP also includes new recordings of songs from the duo’s self-released 2005 EP Rock Doves.

고요 (Go-Yo) 1집 - 혼자 왔습니다After developing a fuller sound piano playing male singer/songwriter Go-yo released his first full length album, 혼자 왔습니다, on September 2. It followed last year’s pretty self-titled & self-released EP where 회전목마, 나른한 오후 was featured previously. I’d recommend hearing him out on MySpace.

루비스타 (Rubystar) - 맑음 때때로 흐리고 비Female fronted modern rock band Rubystar released a mini album called 맑음 때때로 흐리고 비 on August 31. Supposedly their second, it follows the release of digital single 다시올까봐 in 2008 and the album info makes it seem like they also had some relative success with a demo in Japan.

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  1. helikoppter

    Haven’t listened to the full EP yet myself, but from what I could hear during the mixing I’d say it’s definitely something to get if you appreciated the first album. I’m still partial towards their rougher “early recording version” sound though..


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