Interesting releases week 11

고요 (Go-yo) - 고요굴소년단 1집 - Tiger Soul나비맛 1집 - 나비맛
This week offered three interesting releases not previously mentioned on this blog:

– Singer/songwriter Go-yo released his first EP, the self-titled 고요 (Calmness), on March 9. Male vocals over a piano. Sample 회전목마, 나른한 질주 (Merry-go-round) and Don’t be in blue at MySpace.

– The somewhat experimental modern rock band Oyster Boys released its first album, Tiger Soul, on March 12 through Electric Muse. Occasionally a bit noisy, occasionally with reggae influences, usually interesting. Four songs from the album along with a couple of songs from their 2007 debut EP Laughing Aah can be sampled at MySpace.

– After more than five years together, three member band nabi:mat debuted with a self-titled album, 나비맛, March 13. Their semi-acoustic music is marketed as “Human Rock”. Hear it for yourself: music video for Rainy day at YouTube; music video for bonus track 자히르_Zahir at Good International‘s blog; one minute sample of title track Tuesday Alone at Hyang.

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