New from Skasucks and Kangaroo sox reviewed

<br data-recalc-dims=캥거루 삭스 (Kangaroo Sox) – Mirror Man”id=”BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5509452609114474802″ />
August 10, punk band Kangaroo SoX followed 2008 release 1st Single with digital single Mirror Man. Chris Park did not seem too impressed in his wakesidevision review: 캥거루 삭스 (Kangaroo Sox) – Mirror Man Review

스카석스 (Skasucks) - SkasucksSkasucks (스카석스) - Joker's Poem
Last week, wakesidevision featured a far more enthusiastic review of ska punk act Skasucks first full length album: 스카석스 (Skasucks) – Self-Titled Review. The album in question was released on July 7. Roughly half of the songs from the album, including the slightly extended version of New Generation of SKA track Swimming in the Dream, can be sampled via MySpace.

Preceding the album, on June 25 the band released a digital single called Joker’s Poem. In addition to the title track, which too can be heard on MySpace, it comes with the aforementioned Swimming in the Dream and instrumental MySpace favorite El Mariach.

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