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라즈베리 필드(Raspberry Field) - 토요일 오후에 (EP)
Almost eight months after rumors about a single were first posted here, male/female guitarist/vocalist duo Raspberry Field released 토요일 오후에 on July 20. A teaser video showed up a week earlier. The single features three songs: the title track; 3月 featuring balladeer Cho Kyu Chan (who happens to be the husband of Hey, sister of Raspberry Field vocalist Soy); and a cover of Wanna Be Loved from kpop girl group T.T.Ma, where Soy once was a member.

If you want to learn more on the band, Mardi has put together a profile for Luminosity: [Profile] Raspberry Field. Also has a short translated article: Soy makes her new debut as an indie duo, Raspberry Field.

Photographer Esthero got some nice shots from a gig at Rolling Hall couple of months ago: 라즈베리 필드(Raspberry Field) 100611 @롤링홀. And this weekend Widhi posted a live report from a recent event where Raspberry Field played along with Swin, Sorri, and Achime: [Wiz Gigs] The Bridge, 3rd Episode: My Favorite Things

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