Reviews from the last few months

As I was gathering some fairly recent reviews for a post, I added release info for the releases not previously mentioned here, and put the rest in a list. I should probably have stopped in June, but then I recalled some really good reviews from May and kept expanding the list. And after going that far back, I figured I could as well continue until I got to where I left off. And all of a sudden that list got really long. So now I’m just sharing all of those links here, in a separate post.

Older Init_Music reviews:
10 - Nomad500 Won Project - Um Han어른아이 1집 - B Tl B Tl (재발매)
Inbox: 10 – Nomad
Inbox: 500won – Um Han
Inbox: 어른아이 – BTL BTL

Birdy Bitz Alien - Virtual Reality불싸조 1집 - Furious Five체리 필터 (Cherry Filter) - Rewind (리메이크 앨범)체리 필터 (Cherry Filter) 1집 - Head-Up
Inbox: Birdy Bitz Alien – Virtual Reality
Inbox: 불싸조 – Furious Five
Replay: Cherry Filter – Head-Up
Inbox: Cherry Filter – ◄◄ REW

쵸코크림 롤스 1집 - chococream Rolls클라우드 쿠쿠랜드 1집 - Cloud Cuckoo Land 다이 (Dye) - Closedtrace드린지 오 (Dringe Augh) - Individually Wrapped
Inbox: ChocoCream Rolls – ChocoCream Rolls
Inbox: Cloud Cuckoo Land – Cloud Cuckoo Land
Inbox: Dringe Augh – Individually Wrapped
Inbox: dyE – closedtrace

이아립 (Earip) - 누군가 피워놓은 모닥불있다(Itta) - Re:Pops!자우림 (Jaurim) 1집 - Purple Heart자우림 (Jaurim) - 청춘예찬 (靑春倪瓚)
Inbox: Earip – ‘누군가 피워놓은 모닥불’ someone’s bonfire
Inbox: Itta – Re:Pops!
Replay: 자우림 – Purple Heart
Inbox: 자우림 – 청춘예찬

MOT - non-linear오메가 쓰리 (Omega 3) - Alpha Beat오리엔탈 루시 (Oriental Lucy) - Midnight Hotel
Replay: Loveholic – [Re: All] F.L.O.R.I.S.T
Replay: MOT – Non-Linear
Inbox: Omega 3 – Alpha Beat
Inbox: Oriental Lucy – Midnight Hotel

스왈로우 (Swallow) 1집 - Sun Insane티어라이너 (Tearliner) - Embrace AllThe Invisible Fish - Loss/Sleepless
Inbox: Plastic People – EP
Inbox: Swallow – Sun Insane
Inbox: Tearliner – Embrace All
Inbox: 투명물고기 – Loss/Sleepless

더블유 (W) - Where The Story Ends 1집 - 眼內閃光 (안내섬광)휘루 (Whiru) - 민들레코러스고양이를 부탁해 OST
Inbox: Where the Story Ends – Where the Story Ends
Inbox: 휘루 – 민들레코러스
Inbox: Yeongene & BMX Bandits – Save Our Smiles
Inbox: 고양이를 부탁해 Original Soundtrack

Older wakesidevision reviews:
3호선 버터플라이 2집 - Oh! SilenceDJ 안과장 1집 - 미인은 롸커를 좋아해다운헬 (Downhell) - Karma갤럭시 익스프레스 (Galaxy Express) 2집 - Wild Days
3호선 버터플라이 (3rd Line Butterfly) – Oh! Silence Review
DJ 안과장 – 미인은 롸커를 좋아해 Review
다운헬 (Downhell) – Karma Review
갤럭시 익스프레스 (Galaxy Express) – Wild Days Review

국카스텐 (Guckkasten)- Guckkasten줄리아 하트 (Julia Hart) - B마리서사 (Mary 敍事) - Mary Story
국카스텐 (Guckkasten) – Self-Titled (Re-Record) Review
Julia Hart – B Review
마리서사 (Mary 敍事) – Mary Story Review

노바소닉 (Novasonic) - Metamorphosis폰부스 (Phonebooth) 2집 - By Me For Me Of Me스토리셀러 (Storyseller) - Super Girls스윗 리벤지 (Sweet Revenge) - Refresh
Novasonic – Metamorphosis Review
폰부스 (Phonebooth) – By Me For Me Of Me Review
Story Seller – Super Girls Review
Sweet Revenge – Refresh Review

The Rocktigers – Oldies But Goodies바닐라 시티 (Vanila City) 2집우리는 속옷도 생겼고 여자도 늘었다네 - 우리는 속옷도 생겼고 여자도 늘었다네
The Rocktigers – Oldies But Goodies Review
바닐라 시티 (Vanila City) – 하늘을 품은 소년 Review
We Got Underwear and Lots of Girls – 우리는 속옷도 생겼고 여자도 늘었다네 Review

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