Kafka & Kingston Rudieska in new Groove Korea

킹스턴 루디스카 (Kingston Rudieska) 2집 - Ska Bless You
A new issue of Groove Korea will be out soon, and so a few interesting articles showed up in my feed reader today.

Kingston Rudieska put out their second full length album, Ska Bless You, on July 29 and it was reviewed for Groove by Chris in South Korea: Review: Ska Bless You by Kingston Rudieska. To hear some of the album yourself, visit MySpace or check out the music video for Riva City. The same band was also interviewed for an article by Eric Reichbaum in the same issue: Kingston Rudieska.

Kafka too are featured in the magazine, as Korea Gig Guide‘s Shawn Despres had an interview with the trip-hoppy duo: Kafka. And in case you missed it, here’s Indieful ROK’s own interview with the interesting act.

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