The Most Beautiful Thing according to Kafka

카프카 (Kafka)<br data-recalc-dims=2.5집 – The Most Beautiful Thing”id=”BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5489781333410261122″ />
Got so much catching up to do, especially with the release updates, so I’ll just start with something that caught my interest just now: “electro-trip-hop duo” Kafka is back with a new EP!

Kafka’s self-titled trip-hoppy debut from 2004 ranks as one of the most interesting Korean indie albums I can think of, and I’ve been keeping the duo in high regard since. This EP, The Most Beautiful Thing, is their 2.5 and it has been out since July 1.

Three songs from the EP can be sampled via MySpace and through YouTube: The Most Beautiful Thing is an electronic affair; for When You Wake Up they’ve incorporated a generous amount of rock elements; and Silence shows Kafka just the way I like them best.

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