Videophile: May 16-31, 2010

To play the playlist, simply hit the play button and navigate to and from videos using the arrows on the sides of the box. So many good songs~

In order of appearance:

Moonshiners – 열대야 [live perf]
From their first album, 모험광백서.

Keysholic – Love Me [MV]
From the debut album One Day Journey. A lovely instrumental.

Vanilla Lucy – French Love [live perf]
Fresh and lively! From their first album Vanilla Shake.

Daybreak – Popcorn [live perf.]
Wish the speakers were a little clearer, such a nice song. This song is on the Mint Paper Compilation – Life.

Galaxy Express – I really want you [live MV]
From their second album, Wild Days.

Neons -첫눈에 반한다는 그런 말을 나는 믿어 [MV]
I believe the title translates to something like “I say I believe in love at first sight”. Really cute song/video!
Apparently it will be on their first album, a-809.

Guckkasten and Bryan Cho (of The Black Skirts) – The Drugs Don’t Work [live perf]
The Verve cover, wonderful rendition!

Kim Yoon Ah – Tokyo Blues [MV]
From her 3rd album, 315360. I really didn’t like this at all, found it to be kind of hollow and repulsive.

Fanny Fink – Hear Song [MV]
Painting a ceramic Hello Kitty. This song is on their second album, 7 Moments.

Storyseller – Ole [football propaganda]
From their mini-album Super Girls.

Hapoom – 어디로갈까 [live perf]
Some of you may recognize this group as being mentioned by Anna a little while back. This song made it to #26 on the Bug’s Indie Music Chart.

The Breeze -뭐 라할까  [MV]
Wow, The Breeze is finally gaining some well-deserved recognition. This song was also spotted on the BIMC.

Huckleberry Finn – 밤이걸어 간다 [live perf]
Sorry about the audio, but I will use any excuse to post Huckleberry Finn. :]
From their 4th album,  환상…나의 환멸.

Maroo – 첫키스하던날 [7th version? MV]
From their 3rd album, Remember.

Verandah Project – Bike Riding [yt audio]
I bet you never thought you would see Kim Dong Ryul’s name on this list, eh? But he is part of the duo (along with Lee Sang Soon) that make up Verandah Project. This is from their first effort together, Days Off.

Ribbon Society – Dancing [MV]
From their first mini-album Dancing. The new Clazziquai?

Xepy Feat. Vasco, Maslo and Kjun – G.O. [yt audio]
Ack, I forgot what the program used in the video is called. Anyway, doesn’t it just make you wanna dance? Woo! Very pretty melody. From the album, Pandora Music.

JB – The Same Day [MV]
From her second single, Emotion.

Maplestory DS [PV]
I somehow imagined the characters would look cuter than that.
Still, pretty cool that there will be a DS version. Online version can be played free here.

Soulic – My Heart [MV]
Well, it’s another ballad. From his first album, My Heart.

3 Comments Videophile: May 16-31, 2010

  1. Adzimin Amin

    Hey there! Regarding the program used in Xepy’s G.O. youtube video, are you talking about iTunes? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure it’s iTunes’ visualizer. Anyway, keep it up and thanks for indiefulROK! :D

  2. janet

    Oh thanks! I was actually thinking it was called ‘quartz’ something…figures though. Thanks for letting me know!
    Thank Anna for IROK, I just post the vids^^


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